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Centaure Conseil SAS is an independent consulting firm owned by its founder, specialized in executive coaching and business transformation support.

Executive Coaching

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Support for strategy deployment
  • Strategy Turnaround

Support for the organizational transformation of companies

  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Activity Base Management
  • Agile Enterprise

Support for the digital transformation of companies

  • Digital Strategy
  • Ready 4 Digital » network
  • Diagnosis

Support for international development

  • Business Assistance
  • Development
  • Subsidiary creation
  • Acquisition operation
  • Joint Venture


Customer satisfaction is our main concern.

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Confirmed leadership
▪ Ability to do if needed.
▪ Mastery of all components of the value chain
▪ « He who wants to move mountains must begin by doing it stone
stone by stone  » Confucius

adaptabilité - Centaure conseil

Adaptability to the context of rapidly changing sectors
▪ Ability to formalize « effective » and « relevant » business models across all sectors
▪ Good understanding of the « corporate culture » component
▪ « You can’t stop the waves, one can only learn tosurf on them » JosephGoldstein

résultats adaptabilité - Centaure conseil

All our methodologies are result-oriented
▪ The result must be tangible and measurable by the client
▪ Permanent evaluations are provided during the mission
▪ « That the method is beautiful is a fact but what counts is the result »

expertise résultats adaptabilité - Centaure conseil

Experience in fast-moving industries
▪ 35 years of field experience
▪ Experienced in formalizing high variability business models that are « efficient »
and « relevant » business models
▪ Access to a network of experts present throughout Europe
« There is no great genius without a grain of experience » Aristotle

history of the creation of centaure conseil sas

historique modele2 Centaure conseil
  • PM Executive is a brand (a label) in the field of Transition Management created by 3 partners and complementary
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Number of missions carried out by Centaure Conseil sas in the Council

  • Strategy : 10
  • Organization / change
  • management: 8
  • Management : 7
  • International development : 10

Total achievements : 40 missions

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Number of interim management assignments carried out by Centaure conseil sas

  • International Missions General Management : 4

Long-term missions lasting from 12 to 18 months

KEY FIGURES of Centaure conseil sas

Strategy consulting firm, founded in 2018, and majority owned by its founder.

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Franco-German Network

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UK, Italie, Espagne, Suisse, Belgique, Pays-Bas, Allemagne, Suède, Finlande, République Tchèque, Pologne, Maroc, Algérie, Tunisie, Afrique du Sud, Brésil, Argentine, USA, Japon, Chine, Malaisie, Singapour, Corée du Sud

Global coverage

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Interim managers

Transition Management Network

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Contacts in Germany

Consulting Network – ENR



A start-up spirit, focused on agility and innovation in ideas and methodologies


Strong international expertise to support international development


Strong multi-sector expertise, including a substantial international network


A strong experience of more than 30 years in business management and consulting


A totally « tailor-made » approach adapted to each client context

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